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Spatial Eye B.V.
Venusstraat 19
4105JH Culemborg GLD
The Netherlands

VAT ID: NL814649968B01
Chamber of Commerce registration: 11062368


Spatial Workshop

Empower all layers of your organisation with attractive spatial and non-spatial visualisation, query, analysis and reporting capabilities.
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Powerful desktop application

Get invaluable insights from your data with our best-selling powerful desktop application Spatial Workshop, available in Standard, Professional and Ultimate edition. This user-friendly tool integrates geographical and alphanumeric data sources and presents you with analyses and visualisations that you can make sense of.

Translate data into knowledge

Spatial Workshop easily lets you translate data into knowledge anyone can work with. Its interactive design can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your end users. It boosts efficiency, saves hours on the clock and exposes previously inaccessible business opportunities.

Native Data Access

Connect to your data natively to explore, integrate, analyse and report without the need of extracting the data from its source. Our powerful query engine converts your question into an efficient data source request after which our interface makes your data easy, approachable and interactive.

Data Shaping

Prep data with ease and create integrated data layers by building relationships between multiple data sources. Reshape existing data by filtering, renaming and creating derived and aggregated fields using our powerful expression language.

Spatial Analysis

Spatial analysis lies at the very heart of geographic information system (GIS) technology. Use our powerful spatial functions to effectively synthesise detailed data into information by adding routing, topology and spatial relationships to your analysis.

case study Close the data gap
Product Case study

Close the data gap

A public-private energy provider started a project to improve asset registration of its complete 1.4 million public street lights network. Goals were to improve outage management and invoicing and create energy savings options.

Analysts used our Spatial Workshop to automatically determine data quality and enable further analysis with panoramic images or live inspections. It saved considerable time in operations and effectively coordinated project and stakeholder communication.

case study Locating sales opportunities
Product Case study

Locating sales opportunities

Relating spare network capacity to prospective customers is a powerful technique to quickly add revenue without further network expansion.

Combining addresses, company information and marketing data overlays on geographic network locations, we identified potential sales targets situated close to existing networks for B2B and B2C providers.

case study When to replace what
Product Case study

When to replace what

Making informed asset management decisions can save natural gas providers from high costs and executing inefficient asset replacement plans.

By integrating various data sources and adding separate knowledge rules, we created a total overview to access technical characteristics and calculate expected lifetime and lifetime reduction of the asset infrastructure.

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Getting in touch is easy

Curious to hear more about what we can offer? Don't hesitate to fill out the contact form and get in touch.

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